4 Reasons Food Manufacturers Are Switching To Organic Soybean Oil

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Food Manufacturing Sourcing | Organic Soybean OilAre you sourcing organic soybean oil?

Many manufacturers are these days. With the trend towards healthy, non-GMO and organic foods, many mainstream food manufacturers are sourcing organic alternatives for new clean product lines. With soybean oil being one of the top edible oils used in the food manufacturing industry today, it’s no surprise that this organic alternative is growing in popularity – and fast.

It’s also an easy switch for many manufacturer to change to. Here’s the top 4 reasons food manufacturers are switching from conventional soybean oil to certified organic soybean oil.


It's Certified Organic

Many food manufacturers are in the midst of building out new organic and non-GMO product lines right now. If you already have a product recipe that works great with soybean oil, making an apples to apples switch that won’t affect your product’s taste profile is ideal.

Organic Soybean Oil is a certified USDA organic oil. If you are getting your own product organic certified, this is exactly what you’ll need.


It's Non-GMO

As a certified organic oil, it is also automatically non-GMO. If you are looking for a non-GMO soybean oil, this is one of the most common and readily available options.

While there is Non-GMO Project Verified Soybean Oil (that’s not certified organic) available on the market, it’s in very low supply. Organic soybean oil is in much higher supply right now (interestingly enough, due to the popularity of organic soybean meal, a byproduct of the oil) so if you’re looking for a Non-GMO soybean oil, chances are that you’ll end up with the organic version either way.


It's Expeller Pressed

Organic soybean oil is also expeller pressed. This means that it is physically squeezed out of the soybean rather than expelled using chemical solvents (like hexane). This production method generally has a lower yield, but is considered a healthier extraction method.


It's A Simple Switch From Conventional Soybean Oil

If your product already uses conventional soybean oil, this organics alternative is an ideal fit. That's because if R&D has already approved traditional soybean oil, the organic option has a very similar taste profile and color, which allows you to do a simple swap-out.

With the increased demand for natural, non-GMO and organic oils (especially as Whole Foods is requiring their suppliers to transfer to GMO transparent labeling) many food manufacturers are rapidly switching away from conventional soybean.

Want the simplest alternative to conventional soybean oil? You’ve found it.


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