What 'Buying in Bulk' Means to an Olive Oil Supplier

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Blog36-Red-Olive-Oil-Drums-aWe all Have Different Meanings When We Say 'Bulk'

I received my B.A. in Communication, which has given me an unique perspective into understanding of how people talk to each other and how people make sense of what the other is saying.  

I think of this often working with Centra Foods, because I speak with such a variety of buyers who each have different ways of talking about what they’re looking for.  For example, I talk to some buyers looking for what they describe as “huge volumes” of olive oil-- in reality, they’re looking for a couple gallons to use in their home kitchen for the the year.  Other companies use what they describe as very small volumes of olive oil, with an annual usage of about 10,000 gallons per year.  It is true what they say: it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

As a bulk supplier, we know what we are referring to when we talk about “bulk” olive oil.  It is interesting to talk with consumers, buyers and other international suppliers to hear how that same word can be defined differently by different people.

What 'Bulk' Olive Oil Means To Us

To Centra Foods, “bulk” can refer to the packaging size or the volume ordered; however, “bulk” always involves a purchase that has to be loaded on a pallet and shipped on a freight truck.  For example, a bulk purchase could be 4 drums or one tote.  It could also be a pallet loaded with 270 one gallon jugs.  Here are our bulk pallet calculations (also note, these are our order minimums).

1 Pallet = Four 55 Gallon Drums1 Pallet = One Tote (264, 275 or 330 Gallons)1 Pallet = Fifty-Five 6x3 Liter Cases (Bag in Box)1 Pallet = Forty-Five 6x1 Gallon Cases (Plastic)1 Pallet = Sixty 35 Lb. Containers

Some suppliers refer only to flexitank or tanker shipments as “bulk” while totes/drums are referred to as pallet orders or container shipments.  Because of our work in the international market, we recognize this terminology as well.

Where To Go For Smaller Volumes

If you’re looking for smaller sizes like a few gallons at a time, you would actually fit into what we refer to as our “wholesale” business division.  This is where products are shipped to you in the mail and don’t require a freight truck to transport the product.  You can find our wholesale items available on our online wholesale store.

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