The Quick Comparison Guide of Olive Oil Grade Characteristics

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

The Quick Comparison Guide of Olive Oil Grade CharacteristicsSometimes it's hard to know if you've selected the right grade of olive oil.  But most manufacturers and distributors know what traits they need in their product (and therefore in their oil ingredients).  

  • Does the flavor need to be light to not overwhelm the other ingredients?
  • Does the color need to be light so that it doesn't make your product too dark?
  • Do you produce an organic certified product?

Think through product needs (and therefore, your ingredient needs), and use this handy guide below to compare each grade of oil quickly and easily.


Use This Comparison Chart To Find The Right Olive Oil Grade

    Grade Of Olive Oil    

 Mechanically Extracted?


Strong/Destinct Flavor?

Light In Color?

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Yes No Yes


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Yes No Yes No

Virgin Olive Oil

Yes No Yes No

Pure Olive Oil

Yes Yes Somewhat Somewhat

Refined Olive Oil

Yes Yes No Yes

Olive Pomace Oil

No Yes No Somewhat

A few things to keep in mind... The mechanical extraction of olive oil usually refers to a centrifuge that spins the oil out of the olive paste.  If the oil is not mechanically extracted (like Olive Pomace Oil) it uses a solvent for extraction.

The refining process may vary from oil to oil, but typically involves a high heat and filtration process that removes much of the color and flavor of the oil.  Most would agree that this also depreciates many of the health benefits found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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Good luck selecting the right oil for you!


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