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Centra Foods is always looking for dedicated, motivated and loyal employees to join our fast-growing team.

The Centra Foods culture is based on 5 principles: simplicity, authenticity, innovation, team and contribution. People who are a great fit for our company will understand and appreciate this culture.



We try to be simple and straightforward. We promote the use of simple programs, processes, policies and facilities. We also advocate for all of our team to use simple good sense.



As a company, we pride ourselves in being authentic. We offer real products that are of high quality. We’re real people, with lives and families and passions, and we support that in our employees. We want transparent and honest team members; those who can offer real answers to real challenges. We also want real, professional communication, whether it’s within our team, to our customers or our suppliers.



We look for professionals who can bring something new to our team. We want people who offer excellence, and who can always improve how we are doing something. We appreciate unconventional creativity and problem solving, and we are focused on results.



As a part of our team, you will find yourselves amongst a group of fellow cheerleaders, students and teachers. We are “all-in” for one another, looking to create shared mutual results for the company. We develop accountable team members who are interested in growing their skills, who share our vision for the company. You won’t see the typical “sales competition” here; we believe that in the long run, our customers benefit from our shared knowledge and support for one another.



We believe the ability to give back and to help people is an important part of each person’s life. We support our employees as they serve others locally, nationally and globally. Centra Foods also donates 10% of it’s profits to people in need.


We think that every person has natural skills and abilities that they bring to the table, that can be nourished and grown. We’re always looking to promote and encourage these skills where possible, allowing everyone to sit in the seat that allows them to make the biggest difference. We’re growing fast, so there’s always opportunities for upward growth.

Are you interested in joining? Check out these open positions below, or tell us what position you think you’d be great at by emailing with your resume.


Current Openings

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Production & Warehouse Associate

Sales Support Administrator

Production Support Administrator


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