How To Switch From Wholesale To Bulk Buying

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ADVISE TO SMALL BUSINESSES:  Learn how and when to start buying your ingredients from a bulk supplier to save money.

Making the change from buying your ingredients in wholesale volumes to buying in bulk can be a bit more complex than it first may appear.  It's a big change from working with distributors or wholesalers like Costco to working with a bulk supplier.  It will affect how much you buy at one time, how you store your ingredients, how they will be delivered and how much you will save.

Every growing small business needs to consider not just the positive results of working with a bulk supplier.  It's also important to be fully prepared for how the change to bulk will affect your business in other ways too.

Use this video to:

  • Learn about the different supply systems-- wholesale vs. distributions vs. bulk
  • Learn how the volumes you're using will determine what kind of supplier you should be working with
  • Understand how switching to a bulk supplier will affect your business in other ways-- financial capitol, storage space, ease of packaging and delivery
  • Decide when you should make the switch to buying in bulk


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Next Steps

If you still feel liked you'd like some personal advice on if working with a bulk supplier is right for your small business right now, fill out the form to the right to get an consult from one of our team members.