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Our Olive Oil Testing Program


Our Simply Authentic™ Mission

Centra Foods is known for being Simply Authentic™ -- and we work hard to ensure that our olive oil is just that.

It's our mission to provide olive oil to the manufacturing and food service industries that is Simply Authentic™.  It's a part of our legacy, and why Centra Foods opened it's doors to begin with.  We've built our industry-leading testing programs to support this mission.


Our Olive Oil Testing Program

How can you be sure you're getting exactly what you're paying for?  It's hard to know, especially with adulteration and mislabeling issues that are running rampant in the olive oil industry.  That's why we developed an industry-leading olive oil testing program, which supports and ensures that we provide you -- our customers -- with quality olive oil.

Every single lot that enters our facility is tested -- twice -- for authenticity: first when the oil is produced, and then again with an objective 3rd party testing laboratory so that we can ensure you're getting the product that you're paying for.

Why did we choose a 3rd party lab?  They're objective. Their scientists are leaders in oil testing, helping to prevent fraud and identify adulteration throughout the US.

First, our olive oil is tested to make sure that it meets specifications right after being produced.  When it arrives at our facility it undergoes testing all over again with a 3rd party lab to ensure that it is quality olive oil that meets or exceeds the parameters for that particular grade.

After our olive oil is confirmed and approved, it is released to enter production and ship out to customers like you.


We know that your customers expect only the highest quality ingredients in your products.  That's why we've created this testing program, so you can rely on Simply Authentic™ olive oil from Centra Foods.