Simply Senza™ Premium Fry Oil

Simply Senza's High Oleic Non-GMO Canola Oil is ideal for deep frying. It is expeller-pressed and naturally refined, bleached and deodorized. 


   High Oleic   


   Expeller Pressed   


centra foods fry oil✔︎ Non-GMO Project Verified™ ensures careful best practices have been followed from farm to table.

✔︎ Extended Fry Life high oleic oil lasts longer than conventional oils, allowing you to use less and save more.

✔︎ Heat Stable in temperatures up to 450˚ ̊F without smoking or breaking down, which preserves the quality of your food.

✔︎ Solvent Free and Expeller Pressed without the use of chemicals, which maintains the nutritional value of the oil, as opposed to conventional fry oils which are produced using hexane.

✔︎ Trans Fat Free per serving

✔︎ Clean & Natural Flavor that chefs prefer. With the light, delicate flavor of canola oil, all you’ll taste is your delicious food.

✔︎ High In Omega-9 fatty acids and the good monounsaturated fat that your body needs.

✔︎ Research Studies show that canola oil lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


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Your Customers Want Healthier Oils.

As consumers become increasingly aware of the significant health impacts of the oils they use, non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil is recognized as one of the healthiest options available.

Today’s consumers want to eat healthy foods. They are demanding nutritious products with clean labels.

Simply Senza’s Premium Canola Fry Oil is Non-GMO Project Verified™, and is considered one of the healthiest oils available on the market today. It is produced through natural expeller pressing, which allows it to maintain it’s nutrition. This oil is a great healthy alternative to conventional canola oil, which is solvent expelled using chemicals.

By using canola oil that’s both non-gmo and expeller pressed, your company will gain labeling advantages and make your products more desirable by today’s healthy consumer.

The high oleic quality extends the fry life, allowing you to use less oil and save money. The oil is refined, bleached and deodorized, which creates a mild taste to allow your foods’ natural flavors to shine through.

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Minimum orders are 1 pallet (about 250 gallons)

Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Centra Foods fit in the supply chain?

Centra Foods is a manufacturer of packaged bulk oils and a supplier directly to restaurant chains, schools and food manufacturers. 

We bring oils into our certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified™ production plant in railcars and package it into convenient sizes for food service.  

From there, we ship directly to you or your distributor's door.


What is the Simply Senza™ brand?

Simply Senza™ is Centra Foods' food service brand.  It is produced in our own food manufacturing plant and given the same quality control and care that our other brands are.


Can I contract pricing and inventory for 2016? 

Absolutely!  The High Oleic Non-GMO Canola Oil is available on a contract.  In fact, fall of 2015 is an ideal time to contract this product for 2016. Supply on high oleic oils will be tight in 2016, so lock in your low prices and guaranteed supply chain now!