Glossary of Bulk Olive Oil Industry Terms

 #  F  N  
 35 Lb. Container  Filtering  Net Terms  Spigot
 3rd Party Audit  First Press  Net Weight  Stain Removal (Of Olive Oil)
 6x1 Gallon Case  Flat-Pallet Shipping  Non-GMO  Standard Tote
   Flavored Olive Oil    Storage
 A  Flexitank  O  Strippagio
 Allergens  FOB  Oil  
   Freight  Olive  T
 B    Olive Cake  Tanker
 Bag In Box Tote  G  Olive Oil  Taste Profile
 Best By Date  Generic Brand  Olive Oil Blends  Tin 
 Blending  Gluten  Olive Pomace  Tote 
 Blends  Gluten Free  Olive Pomace Oil  Tree Production
 BOL  GMO Free  Organic  
 Bracketed Pricing  Gross Weight  Origin  U
 Breakpoint    Oxidation  Unfiltered
 Bung  H    USDA Organic
   Hand Picked  P  
 C  Harvesting  Pallet V 
 Caged Tote  Harvest Season  Plastic Tote  Varietal
 Centrifuge  Hexane  PO Volume Discounts 
 Chemical Testing    Pomace  
 Climate  I  Pressing  
 Cold Press  Infused Olive Oil  Private Label Brand  
 COA  IOC  Producing Countries  
 COO    Purchase Order  
 Co-Op  K  Pure Olive Oil  
 Country Of Origin  Kosher    
 Credit  Kosher For Passover  R  
     Refined Olive Oil  
 D  L  Returnable Tote Program  
 Delivered Pricing  Lampante Virgin Olive Oil    
 Drum  Lite Olive Oil  S  
   Lot Code  Sediment  
E    Shelf Life  
 Environmentally-Friendly Packaging  M  Smoke Point  
 Expeller Pressed  Manufacturing Co-Op  Solidifying Point  
 Expiration Date  Mechanically Picked  Solvent  
 Extra Lite Tasting Olive Oil  MSDS  Solvent Extraction  
 Extra Virgin Olive Oil    Spec Sheet