Bulk Olive Oil Vendor for Export
Bulk Olive Oil Supplier


Our services meet the needs of a variety of industries, from natural food manufacturing, to restaurants, body care and agriculture. No matter what industry you work in, if you are sourcing non-gmo or organic oils, we can help.  We offer:

  • Food Manufacturing Ingredient Supply
  • Food Service Packaged Products
  • Co-Packing Services
  • Products for Export


We supply oils in bulk to food manufacturers who use them as ingredients in their production. We can help you get an oil approved with R&D, provide all of the QA paperwork you’ll need, and help you save money.

Whole Foods Manufacturing: Most of our business is working with the brands that sell their products to Whole Foods, Costco and Trader Joes.  We know the natural food industry!  We can help you find the right non-gmo or organic ingredients for your product and help you compile all of the QA documentation for your Non-GMO Project Verification or Organic Certification.

Agriculture: Biodegradable oils are now being used as industrial lubricants. We carry both non-gmo and conventional options.

Body care: We supply natural and organic oils to soap and body care manufacturers who use them as an ingredient in their product.

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Food Service & Restaurants

We supply packed food service oils to restaurant chains and food service distributors. We can offer our brand or your private label, and we can even offer contracts to help you level out your costs over the course of the year.

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Contract Packaging

Unlike brokers and other brands, we own our own efficiently run packaging plant in Kent, Washington.  It is where all of our oil is stored, and where we pack into all of our food service and manufacturing packaging.  We offer co-packing / contract manufacturing services to other oil brands, brokers and more who don't own their own packaging facilities.  You ship in your own oil by railcar, flexitank or tanker truck and we package and label it with your brand!  We also offer blind shipping, which means your customers never have to know that your oil is packaged in our facility -- they will only see your labels and your paperwork.

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With our location next to 2 major west-coast ports, we are an ideal supplier to manufacturers and food service distributors overseas in Asia and the south pacific. Whether you need packed food service items or bulk sizes, we can offer anything from 3 liter food service sizes to 23,000 liter flexitanks.

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