centra foods contract manufacturing
copacking for non-gmo and organic oils

Contract Packing (co-Packing)

We own our own efficiently run packaging plant in Kent, Washington.  In our warehouse, we accept and store bulk oils, and pack into smaller sizes on our production lines.  From this facility, we serve our own food service and manufacturing customers. 

We also offer co-packing / contract manufacturing services to other oil brands, brokers and more who don't own their own packaging facilities.  If you are a brand like this, you will ship in your own oil by railcar, flexitank or tanker truck and we will package and label it with your brand! 

We also offer blind shipping, which means your customers never have to know that your oil is packaged in our facility -- they will only see your labels and your paperwork.  Want to learn more?  Contact our VP of Sales & Marketing, Hannah Broaddus, to talk more.


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