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Port of Seattle - Bulk Oil Exporting

Export To Asia

Our location near two major west coast ports, our packing capabilities and our experience in non-GMO & organic oils makes us an ideal export supplier for countries in the pacific and Asia.

Our packing plant is located 20 minutes from the Port of Seattle and 20 minutes from the Port of Tacoma.  This location offers you the cheapest shipping cost available because the oil doesn't have to travel far within the US.

We are a leading manufacturer of non-gmo and organic oils in the US. We bring oils into our facility in railcars and tankers from mills located around the globe, and once in our facility we pack the oils into flexitanks, totes, drums or food service sizes. 

Quality control is a top priority for us. We offer all of the quality documents you may need to bring your order in through customs, including a Kosher Certification, USDA NOP Organic Certificate, Non-GMO Project Verification™, and a 3rd Party Audit.

Curious to learn more? Or, read the FAQ below.


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What is the minimum order for exporting?

The minimum order for export is a 20' foot container. This container holds 80 drums or 20 totes.  A 40' container is also available, and typically holds 100 drums or 25 totes.


What are the over-the-road weight restrictions for your country?

Each country has a weight limit for the trucks that drive over the roads. In the US, each state has it's own weight restrictions. This means that no truck can weigh more than the maximum amount of pounds when they are holding the product.

This number often restricts the total amount that you can ship. For example, a 40 foot container could hypothetically hold up to 200 drums. However, very few if any countries will allow that sort of weight to be carried on their roads. Having this information is helpful, because it allows you to guide your supplier and make sure that your order can be release once it arrives in your port.


Does your country have any GMO restrictions?

The US allows products with GMO's to be produced, but there are many laws pending in congress to require explicit labeling of GMOs. However, other countries (like those in Europe, South Korea, and other Asian countries) do not allow the importing of foods that have been produced using GMO's. Make sure you fully understand your countries restrictions, so you do not get in trouble with the law down the road.


What type of oils are in demand in your country?

This is a matter of understanding your target market. For example, in India, Sunflower Oil and other light tasting cooking oils are very popular. In South Korea, Non-GMO Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil and other oil blends are very popular right now. If your target market is looking for the cheapest possible oil, consider a soybean or a canola oil. If your target market is looking for a higher quality oil, consider a sunflower, safflower or olive oil.


Is your business ready to afford the credit terms and total order investment?

Credit terms for oils in the export market are often pay in advance, or require that you provide a letter of credit from your bank. Either way, the funds are held and/or paid when your supplier releases the material in transit to you.

Ask your supplier what terms will be offered for your shipment, to determine if you are ready to purchase this oil in advance.


Will you use a customs freight broker?

Customs freight brokers are the agents who complete the import and export paperwork for each country, and coordinate the shipping logistics on an international scale. These logistics cordinators are vital for a smooth transit.

Sometimes, your supplier may offer to have you to pick the material up at their docks, or they can arrange the shipping themselves. Chances are, your supplier is giving you two options: either you can work with the freight broker, or they can. If they coordinate with the freight broker, after this comes an extra fee, because they are sending me additional time. You may save money by working directly with a freight broker yourself.

Need help finding the right freight broker?  Just ask us, we can make some recommendations.


Will you contract your oil prices?

This is a question that takes a close look at the volumes that you will need for the year, and the pricing structure that you would prefer to receive.  You can buy off the spot market, which means that you will get the current price off of the commodity market for the specific amount of oil that you need for that particular order.

You can also contract for your order volume, which means locking in a price for three, six, nine, or twelve months. This option can be slightly higher priced than the current spot market (depending on how low the prices are today), because it takes into account the up-and-down fluctuations in the oil price expected over the course of the year. However, this option keeps pricing steady for you and your customers, and allows you to have a consistent profit margin and cost of goods.


How long is your quote good for?

All quotes for full containers are typically good for 24 to 48 hours, depending on how quickly the commodity market is shifting. No matter whether you buy on the spot market or lock in a contract, you should know that prices are changing all of the time, so if you see a quote that you like and you want to lock it in, you must act very fast.


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Looking To Buy Oils In Bulk?

Now you can buy online, without talking to a salesperson.  In our online store, you can see live prices on a variety of non-gmo and olive oils in totes, drums and pallets of 35 lb. containers.  You can also get a custom shipping quote to your facility, and place an order online with a credit card.  Pallets ship fast, within 1-3 business days.