Glossary of Bulk Olive Oil Terms

Non-GMO Project Verified

Posted by Alexa Ketterling

Aug 9, 2018 4:16:15 PM

An industry seal commonly found in the natural food industry that documents that a brand or product has followed best practices to ensure non-gmo ingredients were used.  The Non-GMO Project Verified seal gives shoppers the assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive third-party verification for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard.  That standard requires ongoing testing of all at-risk ingredients, and any ingredient that is grown commercially in GMO form must be tested prior to use in a verified product. They also use an GMO threshold of 0.9%, which is in alignment with laws in the European Union, where any product containing more than 0.9% GMO must be labeled.
# Fat Mid Oleic Solidifying Point 
35 Lb. Container FDA Food Facility Registration MSDS  Solvent 
3rd Party Audit Filtering Monounsaturated Fat Solvent Extraction 
3rd Party Audit Report First Press   Soybean Oil 
6x1 Gallon Case Flash Point N Spec Sheet 
  Flat-Pallet Shipping Natural Food Industry Specialty Food Industry 
A Flavor Profile Net Terms Spigot 
Antioxidant Flavored Olive Oil Net Weight Stain Removal (Of Olive Oil)  
Allergens Flexitank Non-GM Standard Tote 
Audit FOB Non-GMO Storage 
  Food Manufacturing Non-GMO Project Verified™ Storage Recommendations
B Food Processing Nutrition Information Panel Strippagio 
Bag in a Box Tote Freight Nutritional Facts Label  Sunflower Oil
Best By Date Food Safety   Supplier 
Bill of Lading Food Service O
Supplier Questionnaire
Blanket Contract Free Fatty Acid Oil  Supply Chain 
Blending Fry Oil Oleic Acid   
Blends FTL Freight Oleocanthal   T
Board Futures Olive  Tanker
BOL   Olive Cake  Taste Profile 
Bracketed Pricing G Olive Oil Tin 
Broker Generic Brand Olive Oil Blends  Tote 
Breakpoint Genetic Engineering Olive Oil Color  Tote Dispensing Attachment 
Bulk Oil Genetic Modification Olive Pomace  Trans Fat 
Bung Gluten Olive Pomace Oil   Trans Fatty Acid 
  Gluten Free Organic  Tree Production 
C GMO Free Origin   
Caged Tote GMP Oxidation  U
Canola Oil Grades   Unfiltered 
Cardboard Tote GRAS List P USDA Organic 
CBOT Gross Weight Pallet    
Centrifuge   Partially-Hydrogenated Oils V 
Chemical Testing H PDO  Valve 
Climate Hand Picked Plastic Tote  Varietal 
COA HACCP Plan PO  Vegetable Oil 
Coconut Oil Halal Statement Pomace  Vendor  
Cold Press Harvesting Polyunsaturated Fat   Virgin Oil 
Cold Pressed Harvest Season Polyphenols  Virgin Olive Oil 
Commodity Heat-Treated Pallet Pressing  Volume Discounts 
Commodity Oils Hexane Private Label Brand   
Continuing Statement of Guarantee  High Oleic Procurement   
Contract Hydrogenated Oils Producing Countries  
COO   Protected Designation of Origin   
Co-Op I Purchase Order   
Copra IBC Tote Purchasing    
Corn Oil Import Pure Olive Oil   
Cottonseed Oil Infused Olive Oil    
Country of Origin Ingredient R    
Cultivar IOC R&D   
Credit Irradiation Statement Railcar   
Credit Terms   RBD    
  K Refined Olive Oil   
D Kosher  Recall   
Delivered Pricing Kosher for Passover Refined   
Distributor   Refinery   
Drum L Research and Development   
Drum Pump Letter of Guarantee Returnable Tote Program   
  Linoleic Rice Bran Oil   
E Lipid    
Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Lite Olive Oil S  
Expeller Pressed Lot Code Safflower Oil    
Expiration Date Lot Code Explanation Salad Oil    
Export LTL Freight Saturated Fat   
Extra Lite Tasting Olive Oil   SDS   
Extra Virgin Olive Oil M Sediment   
  Manufacturer Sewage Sludge Statement   
F Manufacturing Co-Op Shelf Life   
F-Style Plastic Jugs Mechanically Picked Smoke Point