Centra Foods Bulk Canola and Olive Oil Warehouse
Centra Foods Railcar Of Oil

Our Facility

Centra Foods is located in Kent, Washington, 20 minutes from the Port of Seattle, and 20 minutes from the Port of Tacoma. Our facility includes:

  • 1 rail spur
  • Multiple 6,000 gallon oil storage tanks
  • Food service packaging line
  • 4 loading docks
  • 25,000 sq. ft. of storage space

Services We Offer

  • Bulk oil supply to food manufacturers, corporate bakeries, soap makers and more!
  • Food service packaged oils to food service distributors, restaurants, local bakeries and other kitchens 
  • Private labeled oils
  • Co-packing for other oil brands and mills
  • Exclusive supply contracts to reserve product and lock in low prices
  • Easy ordering from our online store


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