The Avg. Salary For Your Procurement, Supply Chain or Purchasing Job?

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

If you're hoping get a promotion or continue to move forward in the career that you're in, it's helpful to have a good idea of what's "industry standard" in your position and work field.  

Having an understanding of the average information about your job (and others like it) will also help you make decisions about what you'd like to do more of in the future. It's also good to get a better understanding of what your peers might be getting paid to make sure you're being compensated competitively -- and to decide your later career path, if finances are a part of that decision for you.

That's why I've compiled average salary information about purchasing and manufacturing jobs to help you get a bit of perspective on your current position -- and to make plans for the future.



A Collection Of Salary Information

Below you'll find a collection of average salaries based on job titles.

How do I have access to all this information?  It's a great tool provided by I just put it all in one place for you.  This company is known for their job listings, but they also compile all of the information that they learn in the process about what jobs are out there and how each typically compensates.

You can access this information anytime for free at  They're helping everyone get educated about their field and continue to make smart decisions about their future.  And we're happy to share!

A note about the position titles: job titles are a key piece of understanding this information. A simple switch in a job title (manager to director, controller to manager) can mean a big difference in pay. The real way to understand the differences in each role is to understand the responsibilities involved for each position.



Purchasing Agent


Olive Oil Purchasing



Purchasing Manager


Bulk Oil Purchasing



Senior Purchasing Manager


Purchasing Sourcing Bulk Oil



Operations Manager


Bulk Olive Oil Procurement



Commodity Manager


Commodity Fats and Oils Procurement



Assistant Buyer


Buying Bulk Olive Oil



Inventory Controller


Edible Oil Bulk Sourcing



Supply Chain Manager


Supply Chain Oil and Fats Procurement



Procurement Manager


Supply Chain Sourcing Industrial Oils and Fats



Note: This article was originally posted in 2014 and is updated today with current 2018 salary information.

Topics: Purchasing & Procurement



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