How To Dispense From 35 Lb. Oil Containers Using A Spigot or Spout



Are your customers looking for a better way to dispense their oil out of the 35 Lb. Containers? We've created spigots or pour spouts that attach to the 35 Lb. Containers and allow you to dispense the oil easily and smoothly from the 35 Lb. Containers.  

In this video, you'll watch Kevin Smith, our Production Manager, compare the two different types of spouts available (wide or narrow mouth) and attach the spigots to the 35 Lb. Container to pour into a small bottle. 


Next Steps

If you still feel liked you'd like some personal advice on how to help your customers use the spigots or pour spouts with the 35 Lb. Containers of oil you sell, fill out the form to the right to get a packaging consult from one of our team members.