35 Lb. Containers / Carboys


35 Lb. Containers (also known in the oil industry as carboys) are a popular size for both the food service and manufacturing industries.  For manufacturers with hands on production or limited space, they are easy to store and handle manually.  They are also a favorite in restaurant kitchens around the US, and can easily be stacked on a shelf, with the oil dispensed into a bottle using an attachable spigot.

Packaging Specs
Size: 4.6 Gallons / 17.4 Liters
Material: Plastic jug inside cardboard box
Dimensions: 9" x 16" x 9"
Net Oil Weight: 35 lbs.
Getting the Oil Out: Open spout or spigot accessory available
Pallet: 60 Containers
Minimum Order: 60 Containers

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