Flexitank / Tanker Truck


Flexitanks and tanker trucks are two different varieties of trucks used for bulk oil deliveries.  They typically hold 5-7,000 gallons of oil and pump into on-site holding tanks at the delivery location used exclusively for oil storage.  Depending on the type of the oil, or it is or where it is coming from, you may receive either type of bulk delivery.

Flexitank Packaging Specs
Size: 5,650 Gallons (approximate)
Material: Removable bladder inside tank
Net Oil Weight: 43,000 lbs.
Getting the Oil Out: Attachable pump required (sold separately)
Tanker Packaging Specs
Size: 6,300 Gallons (approximate)
Material: Steel tank truck
Net Oil Weight: 48,000 lbs.
Getting the Oil Out: Pump attached to truck

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