How To Place An Order


Placing an order at our Bulk Oil Online Store is easy!  To finalize your order, follow the below steps.  We'll both explain what you need to do and show you exactly what it will look like inside our store.

If you'd prefer to watch the instructions in a video, you can watch the below instead.



1. Start At Our Bulk Oil Online Store

eCommerce Online Bulk Oil Store


2. Select Your Oil

To begin, find the type of oil that you are looking for.  You can either scroll down the main page to look at all oil types and packaging options, or you can select the type of oil you want in the list on the left.

In this example, we've selected the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the list on the left.

bulk oil online store - Centra Foods


2. Select Your Packaging

After selecting Organic EVOO on the left, any packaging options available for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be shown.  In this example, this product is available in pallets of 35 Lb. Containers, 55 Gallon Drums or as a 275 Gallon Tote.

In this example, we wil select the Organic EVOO packed in 35 Lb. Containers.

How to order on our online store for bulk olive oil


4. Review Your Item Details

Before ordering, review all item details for the oil and packaging you've selected.  This will include:

  • Information about the oil type/grade
  • Information about the packaging
  • Dispensing valve/pump (optional)
  • Photos
  • Dimensions of the pallet variations
  • Pricing


How to order bulk Organic EVOO Online


If you scroll down, you can see even more information. Peruse through additional photos, how orders are shipped and more information.

Additional photos for items online sale bulk oils


IMPORTANT: Confirm If You Can Take Industrial Drums or Totes

Drums and totes are not meant for a typical household or small business setting.  These drums are very heavy, weighing over 500 lbs each and requiring a fork lift to move them.  Totes are over 2000 lbs.  Unless you are set up with a fork lift or pallet jack and an industrial warehouse, we do not recommend this size, as we  do not offer returns or cancellations.

If you have any debate about which packaging size you can handle, please select the smaller 35 Lb. Containers.  They can be carried by hand and are on of the cheapest packaging options available.  

Industrial warning for drums and tote


5. Read Our Return Policy

Before placing any orders, you must read and understand our Return Policy.  This eCommerce store does not allow for returns or cancellations, and we have specific requirements for delivery -- most importantly, that you must be on-site to accept delivery.

Please make sure that you read this return policy thoroughly before placing any orders.

Return Policy for Online Bulk Oil Store


6. Select Your Item Options/Quantity

For each packaging size, you can choose your item options.  Each item will show a few different variations you can choose from, including the total quantity you can buy (full pallet or partial pallet) and if you will need a dispenser included (if you've ordered the drums or totes).  You can select these variations using the dropdown above the Add To Cart button.

For each packaging size, here are the variables you'll see:


35 Lb. Containers

  • Pallet of 20 (1 layer) or Pallet of 60 (3 layers)


55 Gallon Drums

  • 1 Drum or 4 Drums
  • Drum Pump Included or None


275 Gallon Totes

  • Tote Dispenser Included or None


 Ordering Partial Pallet of Organic Olive Oil Online

Select the variable of drums


If you choose an option that is currently out of stock, this is what it will look like.Out of stock item on online bulk oil store


7. Add Your Item To The Cart

Once you select the item option that you want from the dropdown, add the item to the cart.  If you would like to order more than one pallet, hang tight!  You can do this on the next step.

Add item to cart on online oil store - olive oil


8. View Your Cart

Once your items have been added to the cart, your cart will pop out on the right side as a separate column.  

Cart in Online Store - Centra Foods



9. Add More Items / Increase Quantity Ordered

If you'd like to add different oils to your cart, you can continue to shop as normal.  Or, if you'd like to increase the quantity (for example, if you'd like to order 2 totes instead of 1), you can add the total quantity shown in the cart.  

Once you have all of the items in your cart that you would like to order, you can press the checkout button below.

Increasing the quantity in the cart - online Centra Foods store


10. Proceed To Checkout

Once you click the checkout button, a pop-up will appear to guide you through the checkout process.  You can click on the link "Show order summary" to see a dropdown of your order summary in the window.

Enter your shipping information to checkout


11. Enter Your Shipping Address

To begin the process of getting a live shipping quote, enter your address in the Shipping Address area below.  Then click Continue to Shipping Method to see your live quote.

Enter Your Address into the Online Store


12. Get a Live Shipping Quote

By entering your address, our store will automatically compile the shipping cost to deliver to your home or business.  Give it just a moment to work -- the spinning circle will tell you that it's thinking!

See your live shipping quote on the online store


Once your shipping totals have been calculated, they will appear on the left hand column along with an estimated transit time.  The total cost will be added to you subtotal on the right to give you your final order total.

Calculating Shipping on the online store


13. Enter Discount Code (optional)

Have a discount code?  Enter it here.

Enter your discount code to buy bulk olive oil online


14. Enter Your Payment Details

Enter your payment details to finalize your purchase on a credit card.

Add payment details for bulk olive oil order


15. Enter The Last Details

Finalize the last details!  Enter your billing address, and choose if you'd like to save your information on file for your next order to make ordering even easier next time.



16. Officially Complete Your Order

 To finalize your order, click the Complete order button.

Complete your online bulk oil order


17.  Order Confirmation Email

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an order confirmation email, confirming your payment details and exactly what you ordered. 

This also confirms that your order has been received and will enter into processing shortly. 



18. Shipping Confirmation With Tracking Details Email

Your order will be processed and shipped from our facility within 2-3 business days. 

Once it has left our docks and the tracking information has been confirmed, you will receive an email with tracking details allowing you to get updates on the whereabouts of your bulk shipment as it travels to you.

The tracking information will also show an estimated date of arrival for your order.  Please note, this date is an estimate and is subject to change. 

You will receive direct contact from the carrier to set up a delivery appointment window around the date that it is scheduled to arrive. Note: You must be on-site in the agreed-upon window of time for the carrier to deliver and to avoid any additional shipping re-delivery fees.