5 Quick Tips To Save Money On Shipping Bulk Oil Ingredients

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Learn how to spend less on shipping

  1. 5 Quick Tips To Save On Shipping

    Always ship a full pallet at a time. Freight shipping is more efficient when the pallet is packed to the max, because a pallet will cost the same (or close to the same price) no matter how much or little you put on that pallet. By shipping a full pallet, you will get the lowest shipping cost per pound.
  2. Consolidate regular shipments to deliver as much oil as you can store at one time (and still use within about 6 months). This will allow you to save money on freight by lowering the per pallet shipping cost.
  3. If you can hold a full truckload of inventory, always order a full truckload of 20 pallets. Full truckload deliveries can help you cut your per pallet shipping cost in half, in comparison to getting your oil one pallet at a time. 
  4. If you can hold a full truckload of inventory AND you can plan your buying needs out a few months in advance, consider having a container of 20 pallets delivered direct from the Mediterranean. It will cut out all LTL shipping costs on top of the money you may save on the oil.  See the case study.
  5. Shipping a 330 Gallon tote on a pallet can help you save up to 33% on the cost of shipping, because your packing more oil into the same 48” x 48” space on the pallet. Read the case study.

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