6 Factors To Consider Before You Select Product Packaging

Posted by Kevin Hill

 Product Packaging

Product packaging plays a huge role in successful and sustainable food industry operations, pharma manufacturing and numerous other sectors. However, it can be tough for manufacturers to choose the right packaging materials according to their business needs, even with the huge variety of choices available these days.

Cost is a primary concern for most purchasing managers, but the packaging material you choose should also be well-suited for protecting products during transportation, storage and delivery. Visual appeal and branding are important considerations as well, especially in sectors with very high competition.

Before you place an order for product packaging, take these 5 factors into account: 


Quality and Functionality

No matter how appealing or innovative the materials and design may be, your packaging is only effective if it protects the product against damage in transit. Make sure you invest in high-quality packaging materials that keep products secure till they reach the end customer or distribution facility. It will cost you far more to replace damaged shipments later than to invest in durable and tamper-evident packaging now.



Size, Shape and Design

It’s always a good idea to use standard sizes and shapes for product packaging, for more than one reason. Not only does this improve flexibility and convenience during storage, handling and transportation, but also reduces production costs for bespoke packaging. Smart design choices can be used to enhance visual impact and brand recognition instead, such as bold colors or patterns that stand out on a retailer’s shelves.

Bulk Olive Oil Packaging 

Pricing and Cost Savings

The cost-effectiveness of packaging material depends on more than just its price. We’ve already seen how standard sizing can help you reduce packaging costs, but consider the benefits of different materials to see which one really helps you save. For instance, some packaging types are lighter than others, reducing transportation costs, while others are easier to handle and help boost production efficiency.


Distribution and Storage

Understanding how your product makes it from a production unit to a storage and distribution facility, retail outlet or customer helps you select the right protective packaging. Consider the distance your shipments need to travel, modes of transportation used, as well as storage conditions at each step, to ensure your product remains undamaged throughout the shipping and handling process.


Long-Term Sustainability

Choose materials and equipment that comply with industry regulations and legal guidelines, in addition to boosting sustainable production in the long run. For instance, food packaging scales help you improve production efficiency through the development of an automated packaging process. Focusing on sustainability and using recycled or recyclable packaging creates a greener, more eco-conscious image for your brand.


Brand Packaging Design is an Effective Marketing Tool

We’ve talked about how the right packaging choices can help you establish your brand identity, and this can often be as important as your product itself. Innovative and thoughtful packaging design says a lot about your business and values, especially when it’s tailored to appeal to a specific target audience.

Put in the time and effort to select packaging materials that reflect your brand identity, and make sure these are used consistently across your entire product line. Sending the right message through brand packaging design can help you boost sales and improve your bottom line tremendously.

You also need to ensure you’re delivering what you promise. Maintain high standards through every stage of production, whether in terms of quality raw material or food weighing scales and other equipment used in manufacturing your product. After all, a pretty package can only do so much!


About The Author

Kevin Hill is the content editor and online marketing manager at Quality Scales Unlimited.  Always an early adopter and fast learner; Kevin combines his technical knowledge with content marketing in creative ways to give Quality Scales Unlimited a competitive edge. 

This blog was originally published in 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and content.

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