The Amazing Benefits Of Olive Oil Soaps

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Olive Oil Soap with Olives and RosemaryThe bulk of Americans buying soap in grocery stores have no clue about the major benefits of soap that is made with olive oil, but it is well worth the extra investment.  If you have dry or sensitive skin, for instance, the attributes of olive oils will actually help to soften or soothe the skin (the technical term for it is "emollient").


Additionally, those with eczema or psoriasis find great relief in using this kind of soap because it helps to relieve the symptoms.  Typically, those with these conditions are well-informed about the major benefits of olive oil infused soaps.  Believe it or not, it also helps those who have acne because unlike soaps that are somewhat greasy, this type will not clog your pours, allowing for healthier, more beautiful skin.


Centra Foods works with soap makers large and small.  Any manufacturers that can use 200+ gallons within 6 months, please contact our bulk division at (800) 689-7510.  For smaller volumes, please visit our online wholesale store.

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