Bulk Olive Oil: How Much Oil Is In A Minimum Order Of 1 Pallet?

Posted by Alexa Ketterling

Bulk Packaging sizingWhen looking to purchase bulk oil — olive oil, or any other oils for that matter — it is important to understand that each different supplier is going to have a minimum order. Distributors, for example may have a smaller minimum order like a few cases or a $200 minimum. Large manufacturers, on the other hand, will have a larger minimum order.

This “minimum order” information is good to know as you are doing your supplier analysis; it will tell you how much capitol you’ll be required to invest in inventory at one time and help you weigh out if it’s too much inventory for you to hold and use over time.

Like most manufactures, Centra Foods minimum order is one pallet.


What Is A Pallet? 

Which poses the next question: what exactly is a pallet? A pallet is a wooden portable large platform that the packaging is stacked on. The primary pallets we use can range in size based on the packaging you are ordering.

Let’s begin to break down the pallet sizes you might receive.


Common Pallet Sizes 

55 Gallon Drums

Drums (Steel and Plastic)

Option 1 for Pallet Size: 44” x 44”

Option 2 for Pallet Size: 48” x 40”

Final Pallet Dimensions (Including Drums): 46” x 46” x 41”

Pallet Material: Wood

Total Pallet Weight: 1,850 Lbs.

Caged Plastic 275 Gallon Tote

Tote (with built-in pallet): 48” x 40” x 44”

Pallet Material: Aluminum (connected to built-in frame)

Total Pallet Weight: 2,250 Lbs.

275 Gallon Cardboard Tote (Bag In A Box)

Pallet Size: 40” x 48” pallet

Final Pallet Dimensions (with tote): 48” x 41” x 45”

Pallet Material: Wood

Total Pallet Weight: 2,250 Lbs.

35 Lb. Container (Jug in a Box / JIBs / Carboys)

Pallet Size: 48” x 40”

Final Pallet Dimensions (including boxes): 48” x 40” x 52”

Pallet Material: Wood

Total Pallet Weight: 2,250 Lbs.

1 Gallon “F” Style Jug (Case of 6)

Option 1 for Pallet Size: 44”x44”

Option 2 for Pallet Size: 48”x40”

Final Pallet Dimension (including boxes): 45” x 45” x 65”

Pallet Material: Wood

Total Pallet Weight: 2,300 Lbs.


How Much Oil Comes On A Pallet? 

Now, here is a second factor to this: now that you know the pallet dimensions, how much oil can you fit on that full pallet? Here is the amount of oil you get for each single full pallet.

Four 55 Gallon Drums: 1,676 Lbs of oil

One 275 Gallon Tote: 2,093 Lbs. of oil

Sixty 35 Lb. Containers: 276 Gallons or 2,100 lbs of oil (4.6 Gallons of oil each)

Forty- Five 6x1 Gallon Cases: 270 Gallons or 2,055 Lbs

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