3 Liter Bag-in-a-Box


3 Liter Bag-in-a-Box Containers are a popular size for everyday use in your home kitchen, and are a favorite of restaurant chefs across the country.   They are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and help preserve the shelf life of the oil.

This packaging is an innovative alternative to traditional tin packaging, with the following advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly. The entire "Bag-in-a-Box" is 100% recyclable and BPA free!
  • Easier and less messy to use and store. They pour smoothly from a sealable Easy Pour spout, eliminating splatters and slippery messes.
  • Lessen olive oil waste. Unlike tins, there is no un-pourable oil left at the bottom.
  • Better preserves olive oil quality and extends the shelf life. Unlike with bottles and tins, our bag collapses when poured and less oxygen is allowed inside to degrade the oil.
Packaging Specs
Size: 3 Liter
Case: 6 Units
Material: Cardboard box with BPA free inner bag
Dimensions: 7" x 10" x 4"
Net Oil Weight: 6.03 lbs.
Getting the Oil Out: EasyPour spout on the top of the box
Pallet: 54 Cases
Minimum Order: 54 Cases

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