Is "Pure" Olive Oil What You Think It Is?

Posted by Alexa Ketterling

Have you ever sourced just plain olive oil? Understanding what you are getting can, at times, be confusing to most buyers outside of the oil industry. We want to explain the grade "Olive Oil" which is better known as "Pure Olive Oil" because many consumers don't fully understand.

Many consumers mistakenly believe that "olive oil" is the PRIMARY grade of oil expelled from the olives and the Virgin or Extra Virgin is a premium grade to that. Unfortunately thinking this way is backward. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the primary grade created from the fruit of the olives, and "Olive Oil" is a processed lower grade a step down from that.

The grade "Olive Oil" is defined by the USDA as a mid-level grade made up of Refined Virgin Olive Oil, and a small amount of Extra Virgin or Virgin Olive Oil mixed in. Part of the confusion about this grade comes from how it is labeled. It is commonly known as Pure Olive Oil or 100% Pure Olive Oil across the retail and bulk industries.

The grade is sometimes is referred to as Pure, which was a term that developed over time through product labeling and marketing. Contrary to popular belief, "Pure" does not apply to the quality or the guarantee of no adulteration. Pure refers to the grade that is inside the bottle. This grade, as explained before, is processed as a lighter oil compared to Extra Virgin.

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Also, to watch how Pure Olive Oil is made, we’d suggest scrolling through this slide share, which will show you exactly how it’s made!



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