The 3 Most Popular Natural Oils For Healthier Frying Today

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Healthy Oil FryingIf you fry food in a restaurant or if you produce a retail product by using frying, this article is for you. Today we will review the three most popular oils in today’s natural foods market that are used specifically for frying.

Healthy consumer trends are driving each of these oil choices, because they are looking for ingredients that are healthier and cleaner options than the industry standard conventional commodity oils.

If you want to keep an eye on oil industry trends, this is it!


Non-GMO Canola Oil, High Oleic Expeller Pressed

High Oleic Expeller Pressed Non-GMO Canola Oil replaces most conventional canola fry oils like Ventura’s Mel-Fry Premium or Bunge’s Nutra-Clear NT Ultra. The only difference is that this oil is Non-GMO Project Verified, so if you’re looking for a non-GMO fry oil that exactly replaces your old oil, this is a perfect choice.

In comparison to a conventional canola oil, this oil has an extended fry life which means that you can use it for 50-75% longer and save money by using less oil over time.

In the food manufacturing industry, this oil is often used for chip and popcorn manufacturing because it stands up to high heat and has a long shelf life. However, this is still a competitive, low-cost non-GMO option (in comparison to some higher cost, naturally GMO free oils) and fits well for products that have already had R&D approve conventional canola oil.


Sunflower Oil, High Oleic Expeller Pressed

High Oleic Sunflower Oil has the same high oleic characteristic as the canola oil above. It has a high monounsaturated fat value (actually in comparison to all other oils, it has the highest level of this healthy kind of fat) and stands up to frying well. It also has a high heat tolerance and long shelf life.

This oil is in the middle of the price range — it’s not a premium oil, but it’s also not the cheapest option available.

Like the canola fry oil above, this high oleic sunflower oil is often used for industrial chip frying in the whole foods industry. Trending consumer perception of this oil is that it is a healthier option than canola or soy, so many chip brands have migrated over to this option (and new chip brands have popped up using sunflower and safflower) due to consumer demand in the last 2-3 years.


Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran OilThis oil is made from the bran, or outer “skin” of the rice kernel. 

Rice Bran Oil is particularly popular in the foodservice industry, where what’s most important is quality and economical prices. This is a mid-to-low cost oil that stands up to frying well. Because of it’s light viscosity, fried food doesn’t absorb very much oil, so foods end up tasting light and crispy. It also is naturally GMO free.

You can learn more about this oil and it’s benefits here.



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