Which Pump Is The Best To Use For A Drum?

Posted by Alexa Ketterling

You will probably have some good questions when you’re looking at buying 55 gallon drums of oil for the first time. The first, most logical one: how do I get the oil out?

This is is a very good question. Here is the answer and to be quite honest, it is pretty simple.


Recommendation For A Drum Pump 

recommended drum pumpsThe first thing we will look at is the drum pump. This drum pump will get the oil from your drum into smaller containers. No matter which type of pump you choose, it will have a pump attachment at the top and a long stiff hose that will reach to the bottom of the drum on the bottom. To use it, you will place the hose through the bung hole in the top of the drum.

There are lots of different types of drum pumps from manual and electric pumps for drums, but here is one we suggest:


One Of The Best Oil Pumps 

Uline Item #H3854

Why this one? It's stainless steel. It is made for liquids like oils, which means it will stand up to wear and tear compared to others. It's a manual pump, simple to use. This pump moves about 8 gallons per minute.

If you aren't a fan of this pump (whether it is the price or the type) here are some other options for you. Uline also has a plastic drum pump that we use in our warehouse. Here is another place to look online.

We also have a video showing you how to insert and attach the plastic pump which is similar to the stainless steel pump.



What Other Materials Are Needed? 

Here's the thing people don't tell you: the drum pump is typically only part of what you will need. Once the pumping of oil begins you'll need to think about what you are going to put the oil into.

Here are two of the most common options:

a. pump into a bucket or other holding container which you will use to pour into your recipe


b. you can use a hose to connect your pump directly to your mixing container

If you decide to opt for this hose, look for these things:

- Look for clear vinyl tubing with an inside diameter of 1/2" or 3/4"

- You can find this at your local industrial supply or hardware store

- You'll also need to have a hose clamp that will go around the tubing to tighten it to the pump

- You will need to choose the hose length ideal for your facility. To make this decision think about where you are storing your drum and how far away your production line or mixing station is.

- Lastly, it's important to note that most food grade hoses have plasticizers in them. Over time oil will cause the hose to become still and brittle. When possible choose a hose free of plasticizers.

Here is a suggestion for where to purchase a hose from online:

MSC Industrial Supply

Item #79815270 

If you would prefer to purchase a starter kit for your drums please contact us. We can put together a ready-make pump kit when you buy drums for the first time (not sold separately from bulk oil orders).

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