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We understand manufacturers. In fact, many of our customers are experienced natural food manufacturers who sell to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores. But no matter the industry that you work in, we have experience meeting your needs.

We know how vital it is for manufacturers like you to decrease your costs and increase the efficiency of your production line. In fact, we are so passionate about this that we spend much of our time educating manufacturers on ways to drastically cut costs, increase production efficiency and still maintain product quality.

We also know how much you’ll need the right quality paperwork for your Non-GMO Project Verification or Organic Certification. We can help you get everything you need, from R&D product approval, to QA paperwork, to special receiving or delivery requests.

Natural & Organic Food Manufacturers

We can help you select the right non-gmo or organic oil ingredients for your product, and get you the QA paperwork you’ll need to complete your Non-GMO Project Verification or Organic Certification.

If you haven’t thought about going non-gmo yet, think about this: Whole Foods is now requiring all of their vendors to label any GMOs by 2018. This issue of GMO labeling is on the docket of many state legislatures, and your customers are the driving force for all of this rapid policy change.



Biodegradable edible oils are now being used as industrial lubricants in place of synthetic or mined oils. We carry both non-gmo and conventional options.


Body care

We supply natural and organic oils to large soap and body care manufacturers who use them as ingredients in their products. 


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