FDA Food Label Requirements In A Nutshell

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FDA Label Requirements In A NutshellThis eBook will familiarize food manufacturers and consumers with the complex FDA guidelines in a simplistic and visually engaging way. It is a primer for novice food manufacturers who find the bureaucratic language of the regulations difficult to penetrate.

The eBook explains the most important food labeling points and directs readers to appropriate pages on the FDA website that explain the process in detail. Some of the issues discussed in the eBook are:

  • Identifying the 5 basic food labeling elements (statement of identity, the manufacturer/distributor’s address, net weight, ingredients list, nutrition facts)
  • Explaining the importance of accurate food label elements placement
  • Defining PDP (Principal Display Panel) and Information Panel
  • Recognizing potential difficulties with regulations for very small labels
  • Type requirements
  • Explaining the ingredients list
  • Information about allergens labeling
  • Brief explanation of the serving size and RACC (Reference Amount Customarily Consumed)
  • Information about the proposed changes to nutrition labels


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