Is Buying Wholesale Oil For Home or Small Business Use Smart?

Posted by Alexa Ketterling

If you use a lot of olive oil for your home kitchen or small business, you may wonder how you can save money by buying it wholesale. Here are some thoughts on why buying wholesale could be a better option than just buying a new retail bottle every time you are out of oil.

We firmly believe — if you are using enough — you should buy your olive oil by the gallon or in 35 Lb. Containers.

The term wholesale can be used in lots of different ways, so let’s make sure we have the same definition first. Wholesale means larger volumes that small retail bottles, but smaller than bulk shipments (like a drum or 275 gallon tote).

Wholesale volumes are often sold by distributors or larger wholesale stores (like Costco), but not often by the manufacturer due to their larger minimum order requirements.

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Does It Make Sense To Buy Wholesale? 

Our straightforward answer: if you can use the oil before the best by date, buying in wholesale volumes may be a good choice for you. You can buy more oil at once at wholesale prices and save money by using it slowly over time.

Now here comes the next logical question: how long do you have to use the oil before the best by date? Olive oil is best used within 24 months of the process date. With this time frame, you are looking at about a year to a year and a half of use once you get it.

Remember though, olive oil doesn’t go bad like bread molds — it is much more subtle than that. But there is also a catch: in order to have the oil last that long you need to make sure you store it properly.


The Basics To Storing Your Olive Oil Properly 

There are really only 3 basics to keep it stored properly. Keep it away from the following:

Air: Your oil needs to be kept away from oxygen in whatever way you can. Seal it tight in a container and don’t leave it in an open cruet!

Heat: Olive oil wants to be cool. It maybe cloudy in cooler temperatures but that is okay. You’ll just need to bring it back to liquid form when you want to use it. It’s better to be stored cool as it can be (aka, don’t store it on your oven!).

Light: Keep it away from sunlight coming in through windows, overhead lighting, etc. Keep any see-through packaging (like glass or clear/opaque plastic) in closed cabinets or in the protective cardboard case that it came in.


Options For In Home Use 

Use a lot of olive oil in your home? Here are our best suggestions for buying wholesale depending on whether you use a lot of olive oil or just a little.

a.) Lots Of In-Home Use: Buy a 35 lb. container and refill a glass bottle or a 1 gallon jug. You can put the 35 lb. container on its side after screwing in a spigot. This way it can be on a shelf and you can pour out of it to get the amount of oil needed for that time. Quick and easy!

b.) A Little In Home Use: If you can find a place that allows you to purchase 1 gallon jug of oil you will find that you have a better chance of preserving the oils shelf life by storing it following the above guidelines.

If you are just looking for in-home use and really just love olive oil, I would just buying from your local grocery store or co-op, or even your local Costco. Check all the different (and larger) sizes they have to offer!

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Options for Small Business Use

If you are a small business looking to buy less then pallet there are places you can purchase from such as

Centra Foods eCommerce Store

Centra Foods has recently launched an eCommerce store to help serve smaller businesses that need a partial pallet of product — just 20 35 Lb. Containers, rather than a full pallet.

You can visit our online store here to learn more.

2. Costco / Cash and Carry / Restaurant Depot

For purchases of a few gallons at a time, Costco or another local wholesale store can be ideal.

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