The #1 Bulk Olive Oil Buying Mistake

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

The #1 Bulk Olive Oil Buying MistakeIn the bulk edible oil industry, the biggest mistake we see manufacturers’ making is purchasing 1-2 drums of olive oil at a time, instead of ordering full pallets of 4 drums.  

For some buyers, it is a no-brainer always buy full pallets, but others choose to simply buy what they need at the moment.  

Here’s Why They’re Losing Money By Ordering Only 1 Drum:

Shipping often costs the same for one drum as it does for a full pallet of four.  When you ship with a freight carrier, a drum is strapped to a pallet and the pallet is loaded into the truck.  Whether you pack 4 drums on that pallet, or just put one, the pallet itself still takes up the same 48” x 48” space in the truck.  Therefore, freight carriers charge a similar cost no matter how much you put on that pallet.  

Sometimes you will see a slight difference in price, but it is not proportional.  By this I mean, if you ship a pallet of four, it will often be $250-$350.  If you ship 1 drum to the same address it will likely be $200-$275 for the one drum-- but not 1/4 of the full pallet price.

No matter how you look at it, you spend much more on shipping when you buy a single drum at a time.  Instead of ordering just what you may need at the moment, plan ahead and order a full pallet if you can use it up within 6-8 months.

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