How To Recycle/Dispose of Your Bulk Oil Totes, 35 Lbs. & Drums

Posted by Alexa Ketterling

Do you have totes, drums, or 35 lb. containers you are wondering what to do with after you are done with them? Surprisingly, there are lots of different ways to either get rid of them or to use them for other purposes.

Selling The Totes and Drums on Craigslist 

tote-drum-recyclingPerhaps you are a smaller company, one that would have time to list drums or totes online. We have worked with small businesses who sell their used totes on craigslist to make some extra money.

There are companies (or individuals) that are looking for totes to re-use. For example, they have to sort out ingredients like fish, or people want to purchase them to use for their gardens. We’ve even seen event companies use them for decor or to make giant lanterns. Plus, there are so many other cool and creative ideas that have people searching for places they can buy them. If you have the time, selling online is a good option.

Drums can be purchased online for similar uses as the totes. They are also a popular item for making larger compost bins for homes or community gardens.

Quite honestly, the options can truly be endless, as people can be very creative in their needs and uses for them.



Get Paid To Recycle It 

If you are not finding success selling the items as I mentioned above, you could always try reaching out to recycling companies that actually pay you to come and pick them up. (We are not kidding — they pay YOU to take your trash!)

The best way to find out which recycling companies do this, is to do some research online. Some companies that do this could pay you up to $75 per tote to take them for you. If you use a lot of totes, this really adds up over time!

This can be a win as it gets the items out of your facility and puts extra cash back on your company’s bottom line.


Free Pick-Up 

If there aren’t recyclers in your area, you should know that there are also companies out their that will come and pick up your used items such as totes, drums, and 35 lbers.

This can always be helpful, as empty packaging can take up a lot of warehouse space (or even garbage and recycling space) if you are just disposing of them yourself.

You can always google to see if there are companies in your area that will come and pick up the items you have from your location. Another resource we have found that does pick-up services is IBC Tote Recycling ( This company goes to 49 states, so that is an option if you can’t find anyone in your area — you can always contact them.


Recycling 35 Lb. Containers and Cardboard Totes 

Now, when it comes to the recycling process for 35 lbers. and cardboard totes, it’s fairly easy.

The JIBs (or Jug in a Box, also known as a 35 Lb Container) can be broken apart; the plastic jugs will come out of the cardboard casing that is around it and go into the garbage. The cardboard outer box can then be broken down and placed into a recycling bin.

Cardboard totes can be handled the same way. The plastic casing on the inside or bladder can be taken out once fully drained of oil and put into the garbage. The outer cardboard box can then be broken down properly and placed in your recycling bin.


In Conclusion 

Maybe you find these things helpful or maybe they have given you ideas on ways to recycle your totes, drums, and 35 lb. containers when you are done using them. Hopefully this has also given you ideas on ways to sell them and make a few extra dollars for your company.

Either way these are just a few options that we have researched to get you started. In reality, there are so many more!

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