Why Food Manufacturing Is A Great Career Choice

Posted by Alexa Ketterling

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When someone asks what you do for a living, do you get the usual response, “Oh you work with food, that sounds fun?” They wouldn’t be wrong — working in the food manufacturing world can be very fun and interesting.

There are so many reasons to love your food-industry job. Depending on what you do, there’s many reasons why: one example is that you can be on the forefront of up-and-coming trends in the food world that no one knows about. Other people love that there are many hands-on jobs where you get to make real, tangible products.

Here is just a few of the best reasons why you might find you would enjoy working in the food industry.


Create Things and Solve Problems 

You may not think “creating things” is a great reason to work in the food industry but you may be surprised at how satisfying this can be. Whether you are on the sales, production, administration or marketing team you may be picked to create something for your job or company. Whether it’s a new system or a tangible product, the food industry is always creating.

The food industry is all about solving problems: global problems, sustainability problems, supply chain problems and product launch problems. Now maybe you don’t really like to problem solve, but here is a new way to think about it: when it comes to different problems that may occur, a supervisor or owner may ask the whole staff (or you) for ideas to help solve one of their many problems. And you may find you already have a simple and great idea that could help your whole company thrive.


Everyone Eats, Which Means Your Job Has A Purpose! 

Without a doubt, there is no question that your position in a food manufacturing company doesn’t serve a purpose. Every single position serves a purpose whether it’s a very visible position or a more “behind the scenes” role.

If you are on the production team you serve a huge purpose: people need to eat and you are the one making and packing it.

If you are a sales person: you are the reason food is on the shelves in stores.

If you are in shipping: you make sure that the product shows up at the right stores for people to eat.

If you work in purchasing: you keep keep the supply chain filled and timed correctly, while keeping production up and running and supporting farmers around the globe.

If you work in marketing: you tell the story of your company, connect with consumers and help people find the best food.

And finally, if you are in accounting or HR: you keep the business running and profitable, keeping jobs on the table for your team members, and helping to support their families and the company for years to come.

No matter who you are, you serve a large part to making sure we all have food. We couldn’t eat, if it wasn’t for all the people that put so much time and energy into their food-related jobs.


Consistent Growth 

Another great reason for working in the food manufacturing industry is the growth you and your company will experience. No matter if you work for a smaller food manufacturing company or a larger one, almost all companies see crazy growth. And your personal career growth can top that by far as well!

Big company growth is something you will see pretty frequently because food is a everyday part of life and so many people need it.

Companies are always trying to find ways to grow and expand by bringing in new innovative ideas. When growth happens, it usually happens quickly which can mean there are often new positions being created — so there are always opportunities to grow yourself with the company too.


Want To Join The World Of Food Manufacturing? 

Do you find that some of these facts got you thinking that you might enjoy working for a food manufacturing company? There is a wide spread of different positions out there: some are desk jobs, and others may be out in a warehouse providing you with hands-on experience. Better yet, some jobs may have you traveling and doing research for your company, whether you’re meeting with suppliers or hosting a booth at a trade show somewhere around the world.

There really are endless options out there. If you are interested and are looking for a job in the food manufacturing world check out Careers In Food for jobs in the food industry near you.

If you’re interested in a job with Centra Foods, you can also check out our current job openings listed on our website.

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