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We supply a comprehensive range of non-GMO and organic oils, including high-quality olive oils, to fulfill your requirements, enabling you to concentrate on manufacturing, serving your customers, and expanding your business. 





We understand your industry.

Our extensive track record includes successful collaborations with food manufacturers, restaurant chains, food service distributors, and exporters.
No matter your industry, we're equipped to assist you in selecting the ideal oil, exploring packaging alternatives, and optimizing cost-efficiency.


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Learn More About Olive Oil




Everything You'd Like To Know About Olive Oil

The ultimate guide to everything that you'd like to know about olive oil... but didn't know to ask!  After reading this eBook, you will know about:

  • Olive oil grades & qualities
  • Best uses for each grade
  • Proper storage conditions
  • Myths and truths



All About Olive Pomace Oil

This eBook helps manufacturers and distributors learn more about Pomace. Read on to decide if it's right for you and your business.

  • Learn what Olive Pomace Oil is
  • Learn how it is made
  • Compare it to other oils
  • Decide if it's the right choice for your product.


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