10 Quick Tips About Sunflower Oil

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Want to know the down-low about sunflower oil? Here’s 10 quick facts.

Organic Sunflower Oil

1.  There’s three different kinds of sunflower oil: high oleic, mid oleic and linoleic. These are three different types that delineate how much monounsaturated or healthy fats are in the oil. Interested in learning more? Read The Difference Between Linoleic Mid-Oleic And High-Oleic Sunflower Oil


2.  Sunflower oil is usually refined or “RBD”, which stands for refined, bleached and deodorized. Want to learn more? Read What Does RBD Mean, In Relation To Bulk Oils?


3.  Some sunflower oils are winterized, which means that the waxes are removed from the oil. This is done by cooling the oil and removing the solid particles out. Winterized oils will stay clearer and more liquid in the refrigerator, which is ideal for commercial dressings.


4.  Sunflower oil is often replaced or used interchangeably with safflower oil.  Interested in learning more?  Read Why It's Ideal To List Multiple Interchangeable Bulk Oil Ingredients.


5.  Sunflower oil has a light color and mild flavor, making it perfect for snack foods and as an ingredient in manufacturing.


6.  The price of sunflower oil is usually about 1/2 the price of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Interested in learning more? Read How The Price Of Bulk Olive Oil Compares To Sunflower/Safflower Oil.


7.  Organic sunflower oil is most commonly found as the high oleic version. Mid oleic organic sunflower does exist, but is in much smaller supply.


8.  Sunflower oil is naturally non-gmo; all sunflowers out there are currently non-GMO.


9.  Sunflower oil is made from the seeds of the sunflower — the same flower that you may put into a vase on your table.

Sunflower Oil - High Oleic - Field


10.  Sunflower oil can be expeller pressed or solvent expelled using hexane — if you need one or the other, be sure to ask your supplier for the spec sheet to make sure that you’re getting exactly the type you want.

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