How To Dispense Oil From A 35 Lb. Container Using A Spigot

Posted by Alexa Ketterling
   Are you looking for an easy way to fill smaller containers (or bottles) of olive oil?

You may find yourself looking for a simple system to dispense out of these larger cases. In fact, most small businesses and at-home users find that ordering 35 Lb. Containers (4.6 Gallon Jugs) is what’s cheapest and what works best for them.

If you find yourself looking for an easy dispensing solution (but not looking for a big piece of machinery or a super-complicated set up), we have the perfect solution for you!

Let me tell you about our spigot kit that can help you fill your smaller containers and not give you a headache.

spigot kit

How To Use A Spigot 

Not sure what a “spigot kit” really is? Don’t worry, I will explain exactly what it is and just how simple it is to use.

When you receive the spigot kit, it will come in a small bag with two parts. You will need to take the spigot out and screw it onto the lid that will eventually attach to your 35 Lb. Container. Be aware though, that on that lid there is a “knock out” section (essentially a plastic film to cover the hole that the spigot will screw into). This can either be cut out or popped out using a hammer. Once you have removed that knock out, screw the spigot onto the lid.

From there, you will attach the whole unit to your 35 Lb. Container by screwing it on in place of the case’s normal lid.


Pros To Using A Spigot 

Different companies may need easy ways to fill small containers that isn’t going to hurt the bank— perhaps you are even one of these companies.

With that being said, it may be more price effective for you to purchase a pallet of 35 Lb. Containers to fill your smaller packaging and be able to do it yourself vs. having to pay for the finished small bottles. With this dispensing system, you can save some money by having everything in-house and filling it on your own. You may also offer in-store bottling to customers, and need to bring the 35 Lb. Containers in for refills.

Another pro to this system is that it doesn’t require a lot of facility space, and it’s easy use and clean up.


Watch The Video: How To Attach A Spigot

If you would like more information on how the spigot works or how to assemble, please watch our video below.


Bottling out of 35 Lb. Containers is just one of the many options out there, if you are looking to dispense oil into smaller packaging sizes. If you would like to know some other options for packaging smaller containers, please visit these blogs:

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