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The process of buying and replenishing inventory can be a truly daunting task. Dan and K3S work with companies of all sizes to help them modernize their buying processes through smarter purchasing tools and techniques. The result is clients who operate more efficiently and profitably.

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Don’t Confuse A Purchasing Average With A Demand Forecast…

Posted by Dan Kiefer

This article was originally published on the K3S Blog and is shared with permission by the author. 

Somebody once told me that if you’re feet were in a fire, and your head was in a freezer, on average your body temperature would be about right.

But it wouldn’t begin to tell the story of what was going on or your comfort level.  Averages can be misleading.

I was recently planning a trip to Las Vegas. 6 months ahead of time, I looked up the average temperature to get an idea of what I should expect.  For February, the average high is 70 degrees. However, the record high is 90 and the record low is 16!  When it came time to decide whether to pack shorts or jeans a parka, I needed something, far more accurate than the average temperature.

So as the trip approached, I switched from simply looking at the average temperature to the weather forecast. Why? Because weather forecasts factors in much more than a simple average.  

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5 Common Pitfalls of Inventory Replenishment

Posted by Dan Kiefer

This article was originally featured on the K3S blog and is published here with permission.

There’s a saying in purchasing that when the inventory in the warehouse is lean, sales is doing a great job. When the warehouse is overstocked, there must be a problem with purchasing. That’s the world we live in.

Running a profitable company in this economy is as much about keeping inventory lean as it is about boosting sales. 

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5 Things To Do Now To Prepare Your Inventory For 2015

Posted by Dan Kiefer

This article was originally featured on the K3S Blog, and is published here with permission.

Over the last few years, wholesalers have been blessed with paying historically low interest rates on their inventory. But according to a top official at the Federal Reserve, all of that is about to change. Is your inventory ready? Even a small increase in these interest rates will have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Smarter inventory replenishment is one solution to help shield you from these potentially catastrophic effects.

Here are 5 relatively simple steps you can take to ensure your inventory does not become a liability as these rates increase.

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