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Tips And Tricks For A Successful Trade Show Setup

Posted by Alexa Ketterling

Do you think that showing at a trade show would be beneficial for your company? Do you also find yourself not knowing where to start?

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Soap Ingredient Suppliers We Recommend

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Are you looking for oils to use in your soap production? Depending on how much you buy, it may be cheaper to buy from a soap-making ingredient supplier who can offer all of your ingredients consolidated into one order.

We talk to lots of soap makers on the hunt for a good fit for a supplier, so we’d like to offer some recommendations.

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3 Factors To Consider When Deciding If A Local Distributor Is Right For You

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

There’s a common debate for small and growing companies: when should you make the leap from buying from a local distributor or wholesaler to a larger bulk supplier. The reality is that it’s a larger change than you might be prepared for, even if you want the savings of working with a larger bulk supplier.

Here’s the most important things to consider as you’re thinking about buying from a national supplier.

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Small Businesses: Comparing A Local Distributor vs A National Supplier For Your Bulk Olive Oil

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

You’re buying olive oil in bulk you say? What type of supplier is going to be the right fit for your needs? It all comes down to how much you’re buying.

What’s the difference between these two kinds of businesses: distributor vs. supplier? There’s actually a lot, and based on how much you’re buying, and if you’re ordering any other ingredients, it will help you to find the right fit.

Here’s a quick review to start with.

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Want To Hire a Food Science Consultant? Here's What You Need To Know

Posted by Rachel Zemser

You have an idea for a new food product – your friends think its great and you have never seen anything like it on the market. You want to manufacture it but have absolutely no idea where to begin!

You have two choices when faced with this daunting task -- you can spend hours and hours figuring out everything from how to start a business, how to find a commercial kitchen or what are the local, state and federal regulations. Or you can hire food industry consultants to help you on the way. It really depends on how much time you have, and how much your time is worth.

Hiring a consultant to guide you on your path is an easy way to bring your product to market. Consultants have experience with co packers, sourcing ingredients and modifying formulas to fit manufacturing parameters. 

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An Easy Guide to Complex Food Labeling Rules

Posted by Dana Harris

The FDA website consists of thousands of pages on food regulations, news, events and new law announcements, food safety tips and resources, answers to frequently asked questions, and other helpful information for both consumers and food business owners.

The problem that many food producers have with the FDA, especially those just starting out with their business, is that the website seems endless and requirements for proper food labeling are very complicated, sometimes even ambiguous. The advice to all food businesses is to consult experts prior to labeling their product.

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An Interview With Food Scientist Rachel Zemser

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

In a recent interview with Rachel Zemser, Justin Hall gets to the root of the basics you need to know if you’re growing a young food brand. 

Rachel brings years of experience as a food scientist to the table working for big brands, and she knows how a new product is brought to market.

Even more importantly, she knows how the retail food industry works; how a food is accepted into a grocery store and how their terms can affect the ingredients that you choose and the market that you go after.

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The Difference Between Edible Oil Net Weight, Gross Weight and How Much Fits On A Pallet

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

If you’re looking at bulk oils for the first time from a bulk supplier (vs. a distributor like Costco), you’ll need to know how much oil you’d get in a bulk shipment, determine the weights of the different packaging types and understand how much oil comes on one pallet.

This article will address these three basic questions, as well as why you need know these calculations:

What is net weight? You need to know this to figure out and compare pricing.

What is gross weight? Gross weights help you choose the right packaging and do shipping calculations.

How much oil fits on one pallet? We’ll give you the calculations.

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Should You Buy Your Edible Oil Ingredients From Costco or a Bulk Supplier?

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

If your small business is growing, you will — at some point— need to make the necessary transition to start buying your ingredients from a bulk supplier.

The hard part is to understand the supply industry and navigate that gray area to figure out when these transitions make sense for your business – both financially and for your facility.

It took me two years and many different small business cost analyses. But the good news is, I ran the numbers (at least 50 times), and I can officially weigh-in and give you an accurate answer on when and why you should buy your ingredients in bulk.  

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5 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Ready To Buy Olive Oil In Bulk

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Buying in bulk has always been thought to save money. Buy more volume and bigger packaging and save more money. That’s true, BUT, to be able to buy in bulk, a whole bunch of conditions need to be met on your business side of things to have the decision make sense.

On the flip side, there are plenty of times when a small business or restaurant shouldn’t buy from a bulk supplier. If your business sounds similar to the factors below, you should actually stick with your local distributor or food service provider.

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