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What To Do With Your Used IBC Totes

Posted by Alexa Ketterling

If you use IBC caged aluminum totes in your food production, you may not have the space to keep them once they have been emptied of edible oil inside. We often get questions from customers about what do to with these totes once they are emptied. 

Empty totes can take up a lot of space in a warehouse or plant facility. You may be asking yourself, “What can I do to get rid of these empty totes and have room to continue doing business and pack jobs that need to be done”?

Here a just a few helpful ideas and suggestions if you find yourself wondering what to do with your IBC tote. 

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How To Dispose Of Your Totes, Drums or JIBs Of Bulk Oil After Use

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

So you’ve recently bought a shipment of bulk oil in some sort of bulk packaging.

Perhaps it was delivered in 275 Gallon Totes. Or perhaps you use the 55 Gallon Drums, or even smaller 35 Lb. Containers (also called JIBs). Once you’ve used the oil in your production, what do you do with the packaging remaining?

Depending on what you specifically bought, there’s a few things you can do with it. We will review.

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5 Essential Factors To Consider Before You Select Product Packaging

Posted by Kevin Hill


Product packaging plays a huge role in successful and sustainable food industry operations, pharma manufacturing and numerous other sectors. However, it can be tough for manufacturers to choose the right packaging materials according to their business needs, even with the huge variety of choices available these days.

Cost is a primary concern for most purchasing managers, but the packaging material you choose should also be well-suited for protecting products during transportation, storage and delivery. Visual appeal and branding are important considerations as well, especially in sectors with very high competition.

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FDA Changes Nutrition Facts Label Requirements

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

This last year the FDA officially updated the nutrition fact label requirements for all retail products. This means that if you manufacture a food product, your design and quality assurance teams will have to update the information that you include in the nutrition facts on the back of your product package.

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How To Melt A Drum Of Solid Oil

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

If you are buying a solid oil like organic coconut or organic palm oil and you’re getting it in a 55 gallon drum, you may encounter a predicament when you begin your production: how do you get this solid oil (often the consistency of butter) out of it’s packaging?

Unless you are buying smaller pails with a lid that you can pull off completely, “scooping” the oil out isn’t always an option. Many drums that have a solid oil inside require that you heat the oil first to melt it and turn it into a liquid to get it out.

What’s the best way to heat it? There are many different options, and I met with our production manager, Kevin Smith, who made a number of good suggestions. Here is what he recommends for those of you trying to melt your solid oil for the first time.

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How To Dispense From Industrial Oil Totes [VIDEOS]

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Are you new to industrial oil totes? If you’ve only worked with smaller sizes like drums or jugs before, industrial totes can feel both large and overwhelming.

In light of that, I’d like to show you a few videos, filmed in our warehouse in Kent, WA. In the video, you’ll see our Production Manager, Kevin Smith show you how to attach the dispensing valves, how the cardboard and plastic totes may dispense differently and other details on how to set up totes in your facility.

Kevin is the king when it comes to knowing how to use these totes: he runs all of our packing and production in-house and knows this type of packaging inside and out.

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How To Use A Spigot Dispenser For The 35 Lb. Containers [VIDEO]

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

If you are a food service distributor (or a customer of a distributor) you may have wondered if there’s an easier way to dispense from your 35 Lb. Containers, other than picking up the jug and pouring it.

I’ve tried to do that, and it’s always an awkward ordeal — you’ve got to muscle the box up to your measuring bowl, and your arms are straining to control the flow. After just a few days, this system can get tiresome and may have you searching for a better process.

The good news is that there IS a better way, and it’s really quite simple.

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The Ultimate Guide To Using And Dispensing From Bulk Oil Totes

Posted by Hannah Broaddus


If you’ve ever debated about switching from small cubes (or 35 Lb. Containers) to bulk totes — these are big big ones, 275-330 gallons — this article is for you. Today we will weigh the pros and cons to decide if they will work for your plant.

I’ve personally written a lot about how to use the bulk totes over the last couple of years. You’ll learn bits of information in each one. But I wanted to create an ultimate guide to making this decision — that way, you can understand how everything goes together, what you’ll need in your facility and how you can make the final call.

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Green Packaging For Bulk Edible Oils

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

Just picture it: you’re walking the aisles of Whole Foods Market… How many natural and organic foods are touting green packaging? A lot, right?

That’s the new trend (and thank goodness for it!): biodegradable, recyclable, and green packaging.

But retail products are not the only category looking for green packaging options.

Procurement managers in the industrial manufacturing realm are also looking for ways to increase their positive impact -- both on their community and the world. If you don’t care about doing good, chances are that your customers do.

Whether green buying is a part of your business strategy or if it's simply a PR exercise, we have the tips you need to make the switch to greener, more environmentally-friendly packaging options for industrial healthy oil ingredients.

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The 2 Best Ways To Dispense A 35 Lb. Container [Carboy] Of Edible Oil

Posted by Hannah Broaddus

35 lb. containers are one of the most common edible oil packaging sizes. Also known as jug-in-box containers or carboys, they’re ideal for small manufacturing plants and restaurants. Anyone using hands-on production or who has limited storage space will find that they’re an ideal size.

Many customers ask us about the best ways to dispense from this packaging. Each box has a screw-on lid (about 2” wide) that, once removed, reveals a hole you can pour out of.

But sometimes that can be a messy and awkward way to get the oil out, so many use some sort of attachment to dispense from.

Here’s our two favorite ways to dispense from these 35 lb. containers, depending on what you’re doing with the oil.

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